Enchanted Circle Theater Enchanted Circle Theater

Enchanted Circle Theater (ECT)

Uses theater arts as a dynamic teaching tool to engage, enhance, and inspire learning.

We work in public schools, pre-schools, university classrooms, professional theaters, museums, and human service agencies with people of all ages and abilities. We have been called the “antidote” to the dropout rate.

Engaging, Enhancing, and Inspiring Learning


Engaging, Enhancing, and Inspiring Learning


We Teach Students

In our artist-in-residence programs, students and teachers are immersed in the creative process of learning as they create and perform original works linked to their curriculum.

We Train Teachers

We expand the capacity of teachers to integrate the arts into virtually everything they teach as a means to engage all learners.

We Collaborate

ECT works in partnership with area social service agencies, integrating the arts with family literacy and life skills, and developing socially relevant theater with young people.

We Perform

We are a professional theater company. We create and perform original plays on historical, cultural and socially relevant themes designed to engage, educate, and capture the imagination of our audiences.

“Students that were struggling readers became narrators and learned to read with ease. The students gained so much confidence.  They learned how to work together cooperatively, and the value in supporting each other.  This was a tremendous learning experience for all of us.”

~ 3rd grade teacher, Holyoke, MA