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Poetry Allowed!

IMG_1782POETRY ALLOWED is an interactive, arts integrated workshop/performance designed to engage elementary aged students and family audiences in dynamic poetry readings and creative word play.

POETRY ALLOWED was developed as a response to many requests from teachers and school administrators for programs that would enhance their school’s literacy and English Language Arts curriculum. In this 50-minute assembly-style presentation, two actors from Enchanted Circle Theater perform staged poetry readings and facilitate arts integrated theater games focused on poetic elements to engage the audience in critical and creative thinking about language!

Using poetry as a jumping off point for academic and social learning, students:
•    Examine vocabulary and embody the words physically.
•    Engage in read aloud skills and character through voice, gesture, and pace.
•    Explore metaphor, point of view, author intent, rhythm & repetition through creative movement.

POETRY ALLOWED encourages students to read with expression and Illuminates engaging methods of interpretation and presentation, which develop kinesthetic awareness of self and others, cooperative learning skills, self-confidence, creativity, and self-control.  Poems and themes are selected with curriculum scope and sequence and audience age in mind.  Whenever possible, we honor requests for specific poems.

POETRY ALLOWED authentically aligns with the Common Core Anchor Standards in English Language Arts and the National Core Arts Standards.

“Enchanted Circle Theater finds a way to communicate serious ideas in a uniquely engaging way. They never underestimate their audience’s intelligence and the children, sensing her confidence in them, enthusiastically rise to the occasion” ~Vanessa James Associate Professor of Theater, Mount Holyoke College

For booking availability and pricing information,
please email Celine at info@enchantedcircletheater.com or call  (413) 534-3789.