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The Skinner Servants’ Tour: A Living History of Wistariahurst

A collaboration with Wistariahurst Museum

Written by:Priscilla Kane Hellweg and Rachel Kuhn

It’s more than a house tour and more than a play.
It’s 1927- Holyoke.
The mansion is in chaos.
The mill owner’s daughter demands perfection, and the housekeeper is losing her mind.


Based on the journals, diaries, photos and oral histories of the family servants, THE SKINNER SERVANTS’ TOUR, performed on site at Wistariahurst Museum, the historic home of William Skinner, reveals the disparate lives between the rich and the poor, and the compelling relationship between them.

“Rarely, in my history as a producer, have I seen a work that so perfectly exists on its own artistically, but whose topicality for a particular community makes it an on-going designated treasure.“ ~Donald Sanders, Director, Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts

Wistariahurst Museum is dedicated to preserving Holyoke’s history and inspiring an appreciation of history and culture through educational programs, exhibits and special events.