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Creative Classrooms Initiative

IMG_1041In 2008, Enchanted Circle Theater unveiled the CREATIVE CLASSROOMS INITIATIVE (CCI), a comprehensive  approach to arts integration for teachers in public education at a district-wide level.  CCI brings teachers together in a professional learning community for 15 hours of professional development and individualized curriculum planning.  Participants develop their own standards-based arts integrated curriculum project and then implement it in their classrooms with the support of an ECT teaching artist.  They receive follow-up mentoring a year later, for ongoing support and sustainability.

Creative Classrooms Initiative training can be held after-school or during school hours, with teachers receiving release time for the training.  CCI was first implemented in the four schools in Northampton, MA, funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts, and the Northampton Education Foundation.

“This program made arts integration MINE!  I learned how to transfer ideas and adapt the material to any subject.  We became a Creative Classroom – and my students reaped the benefits!”  ~ Fifth grade teacher, Northampton

Sample teacher designed units include:

  • The Value of Coins: Grade 1
  • Plant Life and Development – Grade 3
  • MCAS Revue – Grade 5

The CCI trains teachers how to integrate the arts across curriculum on an every day basis, ultimately enhancing the way they teach and the way their students learn.

“Instead of just talking about the plant, I WAS the plant. I’ll never forget that!” ~ Third grade student, Northampton

For more information on our Creative Classrooms Initiative,
email Celine@enchantedcircletheater.com or call (413) 534-3789.

“Students that were struggling readers became narrators and learned to read with ease. The students gained so much confidence.  They learned how to work together cooperatively, and the value in supporting each other.  This was a tremendous learning experience for all of us.”

~ 3rd grade teacher, Holyoke, MA