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Enchanted Circle is creating dramatic Read Alouds and Sing Alongs in English and Spanish that we are distributing to schools, community agencies, and health centers throughout the region. We are developing arts integrated lessons in math, science, social studies and English language arts to go home to our students and families in our school-based programs. We are working with our local Cable Access Channels and the Mass Cultural Council to broadcast our creative education programs out to an even broader audience. We are passionately working on amplifying our digital platforms to support our students, youth, families, teachers, and community partners with creative learning opportunities.


51BK--poq4L._AC_UY436_QL65_Her Right Foot

Written by Dave Eggers, Art by Shawn Harris
Activity: Foil Figures

91z5OmJdesL._AC_UY436_QL65_Last Stop on Market Street

Written by Matt de la Peña, Illustrated by Christian Robinson
Activity: Cityscape Collage

61761fStBIL._SX383_BO1,204,203,200_Tar Beach

Written and Illustrated by Faith Ringgold

61zGOvBSgAL._AC_UY436_QL65_Donde Viven Los Monstruos

Escrito e Ilustrado por Maurice Sendak

Where the Wild Things Are

Written and Illustrated by Maurice Sendak
Activity: Wild Thing Puppet

91sgU1fgp9L._AC_UY436_QL65_Gittel’s Journey

Written by Lesléa Newman
Illustrated by Amy June Bates
Activity: A Friend like Basha

81nCFK54jJL._AC_UY436_QL65_Frog and Toad are Friends: A Lost Button

Written & Illustrated by Arnold Lobel
Activity: Nature Walk Collect & Sort

615FljEN9SL._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ML2_Tomás and the Library Lady

Written by Pat Mora
Illustrated by Raul Colón

Tomás y la Señora de la Biblioteca

Written by Pat Mora
Illustrated by Raul Colón


81WGDdYM4-L._AC_UY436_QL65_Sky Color

Written and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

51uVAtIjbWLThe Colors of Us

Written and Illustrated by Karen Katz

Los Colores de Nosotros

Escrito e Ilustrado por Karen Katz

51M+W9vHZnL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_El Camioncito Azul

Escrito por Alice Schertle e Ilustrado por Jill McElmurry

91pdllYEUfL._AC_UY436_QL65_Rainbow Fish

Written and Illustrated by Marcus Pfister
Activity: Bubbly Printed Fish


OrigamiMaking an Origami Booklet
Cómo Hacer una Libreta de Origami

Bean in a BagBean in a Bag


AIM_Counting-by-Tens_MRCounting by Tens with Household Objects

An At-Home Arts Integrated Math Lesson

Fiona-Lesson_CollaborativeCollageCollaborative Collage Stories

Telling Stories through Visual Images

Zentangle_no-Fiona_name_3Zen Tangles

Pattern Art


IMG_4841Dance with Teaching Artist Kattye Soares


FullSizeRender (2)Cup Rhythm with Julíssa Rodríguez

” ECT awakens our minds, our imaginations, our bodies in breathing life into our curriculum. It is such a rich and fertile experience to participate in an ECT workshop.”

~ Teacher, Jackson Street School, Northampton, MA