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Fundamentals of Arts Integration

DSC_0171The Fundamentals of Arts Integration is a comprehensive, evidence-based program designed to train teachers in the pedagogy of arts integration as a method for engaging students in meaningful and memorable learning. The Institute consists of six 6-hour workshops led by master teaching artist Priscilla Kane Hellweg (with support from ECT teaching artists),  plus four hours of individualized learning opportunities for each teacher.

The first four workshops include the following content: Fundamentals of Arts Integration and Arts Across Curriculum, Literacy through the Arts, Arts Integration with Math and Science,  and Arts Integration through Social Studies. The 5th workshop day is an opportunity for participants to work within a cohort and receive personalized coaching from ECT teachings artists on curriculum planning and project development.

Participants then have two months to facilitate their arts integrated curriculum project in the classroom with one-on-one coaching support from an ECT teaching artist.

“I thought today’s lesson was not only a liberator but practical as it provided many important teaching strategies and techniques. I will use some of these arts integration warm-ups to help students gain greater focus, change their energy or shift it, gain greater trust in each other and learn to work together more successfully.” ~ Institute for Arts Integration participant

On the 6th and final day of the workshop, participants come together to share their final projects and discuss best practices and learnings. All participants receive a certificate for the program, PDP’s upon request, a copy of ECT’s original book and CD set, Sojourner’s Truth: ” I will shake every place I go to” and Priscilla Kane Hellweg’s  arts integration guidebook for teachers entitled Actively Engaged: Theater Games as a Dynamic Teaching Tool in the Classroom.

Each participant walks away with a fully realized arts integration project, aligned with standards-based learning objectives, grade level arts integration assessment skills and tools, and the confidence needed to execute their projects successfully in the classroom.

nea-artworks-logo-color-500The curricula developed by the participants are  uploaded onto ECT’s Online Arts Integration Library and made accessible to all.

PDPs are available upon request.

Our first Institute was supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

“We learned strategies that were engaging and cooperative, and can transcend content area. This workshop filled me with a sense that expanding and including arts integration is possible and even within my ability and time frame. ~ Institute for Arts integration participant

For more information and details on our next Institute,
email terre@enchantedcircletheater.com or call (413) 534-3789.