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Full or half day workshops

Enchanted Circle Theater has been training teachers to integrate theater arts across the curriculum for over three decades. Our workshops offer both theoretical and practical applications for using theater arts as a dynamic teaching tool to engage and enhance learning in social studies, English language arts, math and science.


Participants explore academic and social content themes through theater games, work with creative curriculum templates, and reflect on best practices in structured discussions among their peers. Teachers leave our workshops with an expanded repertoire of strategies for actively engaging their students, along with new tools for heightening creativity and productivity in the classroom.

“ECT awakens our minds, our imaginations, our bodies in breathing life into our curriculum. It is such a rich and fertile experience to participate in an ECT workshop.”
 ~Teacher, Jackson Street School, Northampton, MA

#2ECT has conducted professional development workshops for the History Institute at the University of Massachusetts, The Wang Center in Boston, the Smithsonian Discovery Theater in Washington DC, The Center for Teacher Education and Research at Westfield State University, The Five Colleges, Inc Teaching American History Program, Collaborative for Education Services, The Teaching and Learning Center in New Haven, CT, Forty Carrots Preschool and Parenting Center in Sarasota, Florida, and many city-wide school systems throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

Additionally, ECT regularly works with human service agency staff on creative techniques for developing communication skills, building trust within the work community, and strategies for releasing stress on the job.

For more information on our professional development workshops or to request a workshop on a particular topic, email info@enchantedcircletheater.com or call (413) 534-3789.