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Julissa Lee Rodríguez

FullSizeRender (2)Julissa Lee Rodríguez is a visual, performing and teaching artist from Springfield, MA with more than fifteen years of experience in the arts.

She is half of the teaching and performing percussion duo called PUERTOMINICANA. Incorporating theatre, dance, and drums, the duo focuses on Afro-Caribbean Latino cultural roots and rhythms as a way to connect deeply with audiences and participants, raise vibrations, uplift the people and empower women and girls.

Julissa currently holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre and Dance from Trinity College. She is a teaching artist with Enchanted Circle Theater, a member of Real Live Theatre Company based in the Pioneer Valley and an associate artist with Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble with whom she has trained and toured to NYC, London, and Edinburgh, Scotland where she performed at “The Fringe”, the largest theatre festival in the world.

Her travels also include Cape Town, South Africa, where she was part of an artist exchange that afforded her the opportunity to work and teach with some of the most incredible artists, performers and students she has ever met.

Julissa is fiercely committed to using the arts to promote positive youth development and empowerment and has been doing so for the past ten years. She has taught and performed at various venues and conferences as well as many educational institutions and youth programs all over New England, in New York City, including at the famed Nuyorican Poets Café, and as far as South Africa. Julissa is passionate about performing and teaching and constantly works to reach the highest level of artistry in every creative endeavor she pursues in order to better serve those she works with.

“Students that were struggling readers became narrators and learned to read with ease. The students gained so much confidence.  They learned how to work together cooperatively, and the value in supporting each other.  This was a tremendous learning experience for all of us.”

~ 3rd grade teacher, Holyoke, MA