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From the Director

PKHWelcome to the creative education world of Enchanted Circle Theater, where learning is exciting, ideas are infectious, and creative possibilities are a way of life!

Since 1976, Enchanted Circle Theater has been infusing arts and education in everything we do – on the stage, in the classroom, and throughout the community.  Our mission is to engage, enhance, and inspire learning – and I’m confident you will see evidence of that on every page of our website.  Our award-winning arts integration programs are innovative, research-based, and expand the way teachers teach and students learn.  Our administrative leadership, teaching and performing artists, and board are exceptional – many of whom have been a part of the ECT family for years and years! Our collaborators are numerous and our work bridges arts, education, and human services.  As Sabrina Hamilton, director of the Ko Festival at Amherst College, wrote: Just a pleasure to see how ECT is continually blossoming!”

As you wind your way through this site, please keep in mind – while we have many signature programs, they have all been born from a creative idea or developed to serve an educational and/or community need!  Have an idea for a new production?  Want to bring an arts education program to your students or community group?  Give us a call.  We’d love to create something wonderful with you.

Warmest regards,
Priscilla Kane Hellweg
Executive/Artistic Director

Photo credit: Janine Norton