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Arts Integrated Aligned Curriculum (AIAC)

AIAC3 Arts Integrated Aligned Curriculum (AIAC), an ECT arts integrated intervention program designed by Priscilla Kane Hellweg, was originally developed in response to a pressing need in the Holyoke Public Schools to provide direct support for third grade students to elevate standardized test scores and raise their academic performance.

The AIAC program is designed to closely align with a district’s Scope and Sequence/Pacing Guide Curriculum. ECT brings expertise in arts integration and curriculum development that is experiential in practice and uses the fine and performing arts as primary pathways to content knowledge.  In this program, ECT teaching artists develop activities based on sequential learning skills and facilitate large and small group explorations and interventions in the classroom that are directly aligned to the content area being covering. Uncharacteristically, this arts integration program is not project based – it is direct curricular support.

“We begin with individual classroom observations to observe the classroom culture, identify struggling readers, and prioritize objectives with the teachers.  We meet with each teacher to develop a targeted plan to support their literacy instruction.  Weekly planning meeting provide formative assessment for ongoing instructional practice.” ~ ECT Executive Director, Priscilla Kane Hellweg

“Our approach is both consistent and collaborative. Our weekly meetings help us to pinpoint exactly what we will address in the curriculum standards.” ~ ECT teaching artist, Brando Brandes

“This residency is making a big difference in the students’ comprehension.  What [Mr. Brando is] doing in the classroom reflects our everyday curriculum and gives the students a chance to learn it in multi-sensory ways. This deepens their level of comprehension.  With their engaged learning and enthusiasm, more students are retaining it and I can see it reflective in their subsequent writings and presentations.” ~ Deb Sherburne, 3rd grade teacher, Holyoke

First Grade Physics with ECT Teaching Artist Kate Carreiro

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