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Living History

Integrating Social Studies, English Language Arts and Theater

Recommended for grades 4-8.

In this 8-15 day arts integration residency, students focus on a particular time and place in history, relevant to their course of study, and experience life in someone else’s shoes.  

This program integrates English language arts, social studies, and theater arts. Throughout the residency, students research, write, and perform their own original monologues, short scenes or plays. Working with primary and secondary source documents, other classroom/library resources, and their creative imaginations, students step into history and explore themes and events from multiple perspectives. They construct simple props and costumes, and create an original production to perform for student and family audiences.

Each workshop session includes theater arts warm-ups and performance exercises that help students develop public speaking and dramatic arts skills.

Living History themes can include, but are not limited to: Explorers, The Pilgrims, Immigration, Inventors and Scientists, African American Leaders, Westward Expansion, The Ancient Greeks and the Civil War.


“I learned the importance in linking curriculum topics and social curriculum. The students learned a lot about Colonial life, and how to do research. They became more interested in history by seeing how it can relate to their own lives. They felt so proud after the performance!”
 ~5th grade teacher, Northampton Public Schools

“My daughter learned to collaborate successfully with her peers! She learned and practiced stage craft and performance, and it deepened her understanding of the curriculum.”  ~ Fort River Elementary Parent, Amherst, MA

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