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Arts Integrated Math/Embodying Math

Arts Integrated Math

101_0403Imagine your middle school students learning about Proportion, Ratio, Symmetry and Rotation as they create their own wall art and stencil designs. Or, imagine them learning to identify polygons and distinguish between interior angles, perpendicular and parallel lines as they build a three-dimensional octagon out of a paper plate.

ECT’s Visual Math arts integration collaboration pairs an ECT teaching artist with a classroom teacher for 2-5 days to develop age-appropriate arts projects that explore specific standards-based math concepts.

Sample Middle School Math Units have included: Attributes of 2 and 3 Dimensional Shapes and Designs in Geometry, Stretching and Shrinking to Scale, Symmetry – Line, Translation and Reflection, Scaling Imagery as it relates to Ratio, Proportion and Percent, Volume and Proportion, Architecture and Design.

Embodying Math

Fractions, Geometric Shapes, Values of Coins – the human form in motion can embody mathematical concepts and vocabulary in SO many engaging ways. In this 1-6 day arts integration program, ECT teaching artists help students explore grade level math concepts physically to deepen comprehension.

“The kids had many interesting conversations. They discussed accuracy in the measuring and noticed subtle differences between the rulers. We talked about whether or not the design had reflection symmetry and broke the picture down to its basic design elements identifying the equilateral triangles, semi circles, squares and rectangles. Once the kids looked at the design within the framework of these basic geometric shapes they were able to recreate it with amazing accuracy!!” ~ Math Teacher, Holyoke

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