Enchanted Circle Theater Enchanted Circle Theater

Science Through the Arts

An ECT Creative Education Program in Collaboration with the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, The CT River Watershed Council, and other community partners.

Recommended for grades 4-6


Enchanted Circle works in partnership with our colleagues in the sciences to develop arts integrated curricula that engage students in scientific inquiry and investigations. Combining hands-on science with physical embodiment and artistic expression enables students to access, process and interpret science concepts and standards-based content in a meaningful and memorable way.

Our 5-12 day Science Through the Arts programs culminate with original student performances or exhibits for other classes, family and friends.

Curriculum Units can include: Magnets, The Water Cycle, Electricity, Animal Adaptations, Weather, Environmental Science, Earth Science and Plate Tectonics, and Engineering Design.

“My students were able to learn and process science content in a new way, which helped them understand and remember what they learned. Fantastic!”  ~  4th grade Teacher, E.N. White School

“There was a variety of activities that engaged all learning styles. The students continuously were asked to show knowledge orally-physically and creatively (and in written form). I also liked how the activities were based on our curriculum. It was a perfect culmination! ~Holyoke Public School teacher after science and arts integration residency

For more information, please email info@enchantedcircletheater.com or call (413) 534-3789.