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Theater Arts and Life Skills

Jan 19 2012 TEDx HCC ALC 007

ECT’s Theater Arts and life Skills programs focus on developing social/emotional competency through creative expression and interpersonal awareness. We use theater games and arts integrated activities as a dynamic way to learn to work cooperatively with others, communicate effectively, and practice time and space management skills.

We have facilitated Theater Arts and Life Skills programs in public schools and with:

“First of all I would like to thank you for your time in our class. We as staff have noticed a difference not only with the students behavior, but also with their academics. Students are now clued into their body awareness and their need for some personal space.  Behavioral incidents were way down for a great deal of the time especially on Fridays (your day).

Enchanted Circle, well let me be honest, you have not only touched upon my request for assistance with social skills and academics, you have made me look at my teaching techniques and how to incorporate more hands on, active, role play (theater) into other areas of my curriculum.  Thank you for all your time and hard work, we love having you.~ Teacher, TIP Program, Holyoke Public Schools

“My first thanks is for Melissa- you are AMAZING. You are honestly an inspiration to not just our students but to me. Your ability to take our group of students, modify on the fly, adjust and enhance their self-awareness, self-advocacy, and self-confidence skills is nothing short of amazing!“ Lyndsey Nunes, ICE Program Coordinator, Westfield State University

For more information about our ICE collaborations,
email info@enchantedcircletheater.com or call  (413) 534-3789.