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In fall 2019, Enchanted Circle’s YOUTH TRUTH Performance Ensemble, in partnership with the Treehouse Foundation’s HEROES Youth Leadership Program, embarked on its 9th season with 18 youth in foster care ready to share their stories and change the foster care system for the better!

YOUTH TRUTH provides access to theater training for trauma-sensitive youth, ages 14-22, as a platform to promote healing and growth, build interpersonal communication skills, cultivate self-esteem and resilience, and provide opportunities to share their story.

“Each year the original presentations developed by YOUTH TRUTH members have addressed a range of important issues relating to their experience of being in foster care with a sensitivity and thoughtfulness that bring the audience to a new level of awareness and understanding.” ~ Deb Sicilia, Area Director, Department of Children and Families

TreehouseEnchanted Circle and the Treehouse Foundation began developing social innovation programs in 2007 to create sustainable change in the lives of young people. YOUTH TRUTH promotes truth and dispels myths about foster care and adoption from the youth perspective. The youth-created performances are a vehicle for community and civic engagement, raising awareness and advocating for positive policy changes in the complex world of child welfare.


In 2020, this project was supported in part by
the National Endowment for the Arts,
a federal agency.