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Arts for Academic Achievement

Just as an actor needs to compose himself in order to perform at his best, so must a student compose herself to perform well on an exam. Theater arts techniques develop important life skills in the areas of communication, concentration, emotional and physical discipline and self-confidence.

005_5Participants will explore:

  • Simple breathing and relaxation techniques to control anxiety.
  • Brain-based focusing activities to practice maintaining maximum concentration as well as techniques for avoiding distraction.
  • Confidence building games and activities to help students envision success.
  • Role playing activities to give students the opportunity to express their fears, frustrations, hopes and concerns.
  • Word associations and other fast-paced movement games to enhance speed and critical thinking skills.

Teachers will find these techniques readily adaptable for classroom use and appropriate for students of all ages.

“Learning through the arts provides an opportunity for students who might be otherwise disengaged to have a sense of accomplishment. Learning through the arts can help level the playing field for youngsters from disadvantaged circumstances.” ~ Dr. Helen L. Gibson

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” Thank you for your unflagging concentration on using arts to experience history. Your leadership has brought innovative, significant integration of the arts into the lives of thousands of children. ECT workshops have inspired many teachers to develop classroom experiences that, in turn, inspire our students.”

~ Teacher, Erving, MA