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Sojourner’s Truth: Workshop for Teachers

“I will shake every place I go to”
A Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

A professional development workshop for teachers and administrators on methods for using the multimedia creative teaching tool Sojourner’s Truth: “I will shake every place I go to” written by Priscilla Kane Hellweg and Rachel Kuhn.

Participants will learn effective techniques for using Sojourner’s Truth to address standards-based themes, specifically:

  • 198_ECTSlavery, Abolitionism, Equality, Legislation, and the Right to Vote
  • Civil War and related themes of economy, and nationalism
  • Important political and cultural figures of the time

The Sojourner’s Truth Package includes:

  • 41-page bound book including the theatrical performance script, historical photographs, primary source documents, editors’ notes and performance photographs
  • 13 track compact disc of the live performance including traditional Spirituals and original musical compositions
  • 19-page study guide of arts integrated activities addressing curriculum frameworks

What people are saying about Sojourner’s Truth:

“It was educational, artistic and beautifully made. I think everyone who sees it will be inspired and want to stand up for what Sojourner Truth stood for, equality, love and peace.” 6th grade student, Northampton, MA

Effectively presents educators with the essential components of a live theatrical performance, as well as the authors’ substantial research on an American icon.” Kirkus Reviews

“Hellweg and Kuhn’s Sojourner’s Truth is written with special attention to historical accuracy while capturing the incredible drama of Sojourner Truth’s life. The audio CD is a perfect blend of captivating performances from the actors and beautiful musical accompaniment, powerfully incorporating both the music of that era and new compositions specifically written for this historical drama.” Joseph Carvalho III, Historian, Author

For more information or to bring this workshop to your school,
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