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The Fundamentals of Arts Integration

DSCN0712These full or half-day professional development workshops include theoretical and practical applications for integrating theater arts into the classroom as a dynamic teaching tool with general curriculum content themes. 

Participants explore theater arts integration techniques to develop creative thinking and communication skills, and become immersed in creative curriculum classroom projects in science, English language arts, math, and social studies.

THEATER ARTS & LEARNING: The workshops begins with theater games which develop creative learning skills (concentration, imagination, self-discipline and resiliency), verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and collaboration skills for building successful classroom environments.

THEATER ARTS & SOCIAL STUDIES: Participants create an Annotated Photo Album (a stylized presentation which combines “still life frozen images” with descriptive narrative) and turn it into a performance piece, based on selected, age-appropriate, historical themes such as Immigration, the American Revolution, the Civil War, etc.

THEATER ARTS AND LANGUAGE ARTS: Participants brainstorm story-line ideas from dramatic statue shapes and turn them into creative writing projects. We work on arts integration techniques for adapting literature into a classroom presentation.

THEATER ARTS AND SCIENCE: Concepts such as momentum, gravity, fulcrum and counter balance are acted out physically. Arts integrated units on Weather, Earth Science, Magnets, Simple Machines or Animal Adaptations are explored.

“The Scaffolding of activities was very helpful. The structure of the writing activity provided enough of a basis to get me going—with wide enough parameters to allow for creativity and self-exploration. It was just a wonderful experience to be able to open up and connect with everyone on a truly intimate, human level. We created an incredible sense of community that allowed for a safe, open dialogue that I really enjoyed.” ~Teacher, Springfield

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“I learned to give it your best, and don’t be scared to act.”

~ 5th Grade Student, ECT residency