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Where Does Our Water Go?

Don’t hurt us, we are little ducks!
We don’t like trash, SO PLEASE PICK IT UP!

Johana, 5th grader, Doering School, Agawam

unnamedStarting in January 2021, Enchanted Circle and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment facilitated an eight day artist-in-residence program in every fifth grade classroom at the Roberta G. Doering School in Agawam.

unnamedDuring the program, Where Does Our Water Go? Storm Drain Art and Advocacy,
students and teachers worked with teaching artists and scientists to create public art that shares important messages about keeping our waterways clean and how storm drains are connected to our ecosystems.

The impacts of climate change will be felt by current and future generations alike if we don’t act quickly and resolutely, said Marc Strange, Agawam’s Director of Planning and Community Development. “So we thought it was important to educate our younger generation on climate change.”

unnamed-248 of these images were selected to be part of Agawam’s Cooler Communities Challenge
and will be on display at the Agawam Virtual Earth Expo 2021 on April 28th. During the Expo, 12 top designs will be selected for printing on banners that will be displayed throughout the town

“I’m learning that there are thousands of storm drains being filled with trash and ruining the rivers and going into lakes!” 
                                                                                                                     ~ 5th grade student

Where Does Our Water Go? Storm Drain Art and Advocacy is part of a larger community initiative funded by a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant to provide support for cities and towns in Massachusetts to begin the process of planning for climate change resiliency and implementing priority projects.

Partners include: Town of Agawam, Agawam Public Schools, Cooler Communities, Enchanted Circle, Hitchcock Center, MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, Woodard & Curran Associates.

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“Students experienced cultural literacy at its best.  Your reputation preceded you, and I was thrilled with the performance.”

~ Art Teacher, Rebecca Johnson School, Springfield, MA