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Iohann Rashi Vega, Vice President

IohannBorn and raised in Mexico City, Iohann Vega studied music and media sciences. He moved to Puerto Rico in 1999, and started as a volunteer at WRTU, the University of Puerto Rico’s public radio station. Mr. Vega was the Promotion
Coordinator, host and producer of several shows (World Music, Classical, Electronic and emerging genres) and producer of all the station’s imagery. He worked as a news anchor, journalist, host for different music shows, producer and voice over talent, as well as mentored several students from the University’s School of Communication into radio production.

Iohann moved to Holyoke in 2011, where he joined the Gandara Center, as Coordinator of the Youth Development Center, providing computer and media literacy, youth mentoring for job readiness and leadership, andeducation on media production, podcasting and music, for children, and young adults in the community. Also, is the executive producer of
Radioplasma, an independent media outlet for the community in the city of Holyoke.


Currently, Iohann is the Director of Media Engagement with Holyoke Media, producing engaging content, teaching youth and community members how to do so, and developing partnerships around the creationof media content to build a diverse, inclusive dialogue that contributes to the local media environment.   http://www.holyokemedia.org/

” I learned many ways to focus children’s attention using quick activities.  I gained suggestions for ways to stimulate discussion and expand vocabulary and oral language for my ESL students.”

~ Holyoke Public Schools Kindergarten Teacher