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Janelle Strandberg Aieta

JanelleJanelle Strandberg Aieta is Enchanted Circle’s Programs Manager.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and an MA in Museum Studies.  She worked in museums in Nebraska, Tennessee, and California for fifteen years as a curator and coordinator of exhibits and programs.  Though an enthusiast of the arts in general, Janelle’s specific interests lie in the parallel concerns of folk art, outsider art and accessibility to the arts.  These interests have been exemplified recently by her work as a volunteer at the APE Gallery in Northampton with the Cellblock Visions collection of artwork by prisoners.  As part of this project, Janelle assisted in the creation of an exhibition at the Forbes Library presenting the prisoners’ work as folk art.

Janelle also volunteers at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Holyoke assisting with horses and riders with disabilities who are taking riding lessons.

Janelle lives in Westfield with her children and is currently trying to learn to ride a horse the correct way, run farther than three miles, and explore as much of New England as she can manage on the weekends.  She also enjoys reading, gardening, and making paper collages.